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Dear All, It has been a year since I have been shopping at your store however I think I will certainly rethink my shopping options. I would like to express my absolute disappointment from the horrible customer service in Stokrotka shop in Białystok : address ul Stroma 26 ; 15-662 Białystok. There has been no changes made at all. I am not sure on what grounds you employed couple of ladies in that particular shop however they don’t deserve or appreciate the job they are given, never mind the clients. As first point of contact with clientele and face of the brand they definitely put off people from shopping in the shop. The shop is an absolute mess. Shelves are in some sort of a chaos. No welcoming faces; no smiles; no apologies when possible . Awful. I am wondering do you ever do secret shopper testing to check on the staff because clearly they need serious training on attitude skills. I have worked 9 years representing airlines and cannot understand the strategy of your employees. Would appreciate if you could do something about that. I will also forward this note to Białystok Regional Management as well. I can discuss various examples which I am now starting to take personally or as discriminatory act towards either foreigners or certain groups of people. Hence my last experience of 30th December-today which triggered me to act and exceeded my patience! Happy customer hardly ever tell people about that; however unhappy one is more likely to spread the wordyaround and from what I have heard already, the reputation of this shop is not one to be proud of. Regards Dessy Sajewicz


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