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Sławomir Bogusz Head of Fresenius Netcare IT Operations & Competence Center in Wroclaw Fresenius Netcare Poland
Sławek Bogusz is a top-performing Information Technology professional with 20 years demonstrated experience in managing complex environments and IT teams. Over this period of time he’s acquired an extensive understanding of industry-standard applications in use today, as well as excellent reputation as a trustworthy, knowledgeable collaborator to external and internal stakeholders at all levels and is valued highly as an advisor to senior management. He started his impressive career as a Computer Programmer at NATO Communications and Information Agency in the Netherlands and continued as a System Engineer at NATO, responsible for planning, configurating and installation of NATO CIS equipment for Albanian Ministry of Defense, Tirana, Albania. In 2007 - 2014 he took up further senior opportunities, taking him from Portugal to Greece and back home to Poland, however he didn’t stay for long as he decided to join NATO ISAF in Kandahar, Afghanistan as IT Engineer in support of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. By the end of his duty he received a life-changing phone call, after which he’s decided to return to Poland and for the past 5 years he’s been creating and supervising the business development of the IT Operations Competence Center in Wroclaw. Slawomir Bogusz is a graduate of the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, he also gained the Master of International Security at Uniwersytet Wroclawski and studied Telecommunications Engineering program as a PhD candidate at Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal. He completed his postgraduate studies in the field of Company management, in particular the Instrumentation of the modern manager. Currently he’s furthering his education at University of Economy in Wroclaw, studying for the Executive MBA title. Sławek is a father of two children. He’s a natural born sportsman, passionate biker and a skydiver – underwent almost 1000 jumps! He also likes paragliding, horse-riding and scuba diving yet as a rescue-diver.

What exactly does your company do? What exactly comes in scope of services rendered by you?

With the motto “Health is everything – we create the foundation”, Fresenius Netcare acts as an IT services provider for the Fresenius Group - one of the world's largest leaders offering products and services in a field of dialysis, hospital and outpatient treatment.

In times of increasing digitalization with continuously growing demands on IT security, we are a strong and reliable partner, providing efficient and modern IT solutions for over 275,000 Fresenius Group employees worldwide. The services we offer contribute to assurance of quality healthcare services around the globe. We operate in an extremely delicate sphere, which is human health and life, and thus the professional knowledge of our colleagues always means that we handle data entrusted to us properly.

What challenges can companies operating in this industry face?

Achieving goals in a global environment with different cultures is a tremendous challenge and our main motivation at the same time. Our quality policy isn’t focused solely on products but also on our customers, our employees, our processes and our business success.

We customize our services and projects to meet the high regulatory demands of our customers in the healthcare sector. Product quality, patient safety and data integrity are the focus of our efforts. We continuously improve within our certified quality management (QM) system, this includes targeted measures for:
• continued training of our employees
• developing leadership qualifications
• improving internal and Group-wide collaboration
• creating and maintaining standards in organizational units
• decisively developing all processes in the QM system

Our demand for quality even has a stamp of approval: Fresenius Netcare has been certified worldwide according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 norm since 2004.

What values guide your company's activities?

Our patients’ well-being is our main priority as we carry responsibility in a very sensitive environment that is relied upon for the life and health of many people.

We also see responsibility as a duty to our employees. We appreciate and support their expertise and personal qualifications. We entrust them with a high level of responsibility to provide them with professional opportunities that offer various career possibilities.

Is your company guided by the principles of social responsibility business? If so, please tell us more.

Our responsibility as a health care group goes beyond our business operations. We are committed to protecting nature as the basis of life and using its resources responsibly. It is our mission to constantly improve our performance in the areas of environmental protection, occupational health and technical safety, and product responsibility and logistics, and to comply with legal requirements.

Among other things, key environmental performance indicators are, for instance, not only energy and water consumption, but also the volumes of waste and recycling rates at our locations.

In Europe, our production sites are subject to the EU regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of CHemicals). The aim of REACH is to protect human health and the environment against hazards and risks from chemical substances.

What do you consider to be your personal greatest success so far?

Building up from scratch the fully functional IT Operations Center in Wroclaw for the Fresenius group. This was a greenfield project that initially started as a small team of 4 people that has grown into the strong unit of over 60 specialists.

I’m very proud to have such a dedicated and hard-working people around who in all seriousness, but with a hint of humor strive to provide excellent IT support with the motto in mind: “Impossible things we do on the spot, miracles have to wait a while.” 😊

Another challenge associated with leading such a big team is doing my best to minimize fluctuation of employees, so my eyes, ears and mind are always open to listen to their suggestions for professional improvements and to their personal needs as well.

What prizes and awards have you received? Are any of them a unique pride for you? If so why?

Awarded twice by the NATO Secretary General – “Non-Article 5 medal” for missions in the Balkans (KFOR) and in Afghanistan (ISAF). Over 2,5 year on missions, 1 year in KFOR, 18 months in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

My past experiences have made me the person that I am today, so they’re all valuable to me.

What can you wish for you in near future?

Continuing the grow of OCC, meanwhile making sure that each employee is taking part in the development and grow of the company and letting each of them feel that they are the most valuable employees for us.

What is the recruitment process for your company?

Recruitment of our company consists of four stages:
Stage I: Candidates send their applications in response to our announcement.

Stage II: We invite selected candidates for an interview

Stage III: An HR representative and Team Leader meet with the selected candidates. The interview is conducted partly in English which helps us verify the language skills of the candidates. In addition, interviews often take place in a form of videoconference - we connect with our colleagues from Germany to verify the technical skills of the candidate and also talk about mutual expectations.

Stage IV: We provide feedback and a decision to candidates who participated in the recruitment process.

What do you pay attention to if you want to accept someone into your team?

First and foremost, it is that the knowledge and competences correspond to the requirements of a given position. Individuals who are communicative, organized problem solvers and who have team spirit will fit well to our team. And last, but not least, it’s the language skills as we operate on international level, English is the key, German is a big plus.

Are you currently looking for new employees? Where can potential candidates find current job offers?

Yes, we currently have a few open positions, for details please visit the following pages:;en

Can people employed in your company count on any additional benefits? If yes, what?

We try to show our employees how much we value their knowledge, qualifications and personal contribution to the company. We offer each employee stable employment conditions based on an employment contract and several additional benefits, such as:

Private medical care - each employee has an option to join comprehensive medical care program that includes family members on preferential terms.

Life insurance - each employee may be covered by group life insurance and may include their loved ones on preferential terms.

Sport card - we know that physical activity is very important, so we encourage you to move! Everyone will find something for themselves in the package.

Social benefits package - we offer a range of social benefits (holiday subsidy, holiday benefits) that employees like to use.

Pension scheme - we support saving for future retirement.


Concierge Services -  get help with matters such as purchases and their delivery; find a nanny; organize trips (flights, hotels); restaurant reservation; car services; animal care (vet, walks)...and many others.

Fruit in the office - there are never too many vitamins! 😊

Do you organize any meetings, integration events for workers?

We are a harmonious team - we like to spend time together not only at work, which is why we organize joint integration trips and meetings outside of work. We are open to new ideas and team suggestions.

Is the atmosphere at the workplace important to you?

Absolutely, good energy among people and their day-to-day cooperation enables us to provide quality services. It may sound like a cliché, but such is the reality – alone we can’t achieve as much as we do TOGETHER.

What form of employment do you prefer?

We offer contract of employment. New employees join on initial 3-months probationary period – it allows both employee and employer to see if they are a “good fit”. After probationary period we offer a permanent contract.

We also offer internships to selected candidates.

How many people do you currently employ?

Our team consists of almost 70 people. We are a team that has mutual trust and respect. We are open to new ideas and suggestions - we want you to know that your presence in the company is important to us.

How do you assess the skills and achievements of employees? Do you use employee grades - or something else?

There wasn’t an official procedure until now, the evaluation was more-less intuitive. However due to a globalization of our processes the company is currently working on a standardized Employee Performance Evaluation Plan that will be implemented in near future.

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