Intrumentation Technician / Specjalista ds oprzyrządowania

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Intrumentation Technician / Specjalista ds oprzyrządowania

Miejsce pracy: Amsterdam, Holandia
Nr referencyjny: TECHNICIAN/1016/JE

The Instrument Technician must be able to read and correlate information and trouble-shoot from blueprints; must be able to read, understand, correlate, and trouble-shoot from one-line schematics; must be able to read P & ID's and ladder diagrams; must possess ability to perform calibration of electronic instruments, pneumatic instruments, transmitters, controllers, and recorders; must be able to pressure test pneumatic instruments for leaks, pneumatic instruments with controllers, transducers and valves in service; must be able to loop check electrical wiring for continuity and proper termination; must possess the ability to perform field calibration of electronic instruments with transmitters, controllers, transducers, valves, and recorders in service; must have a good working knowledge of electronic test equipment, decade resistance box, V.O.M., tag terminations, valve and positioner stroke, and tuning of all type of loops.



1) Inspects, tests, adjusts, and repairs electric, electronic, mechanical, and pneumatic instruments and systems used to indicate, record, and control generating operations in conventional or nuclear power electric generating plant: Inspects meters, indicators, and gauges to detect abnormal fluctuations.

2) Tests accuracy of flowmeters, pressure gauges, temperature indicators, controllers, radiation counters or detectors, and other recording, indicating or controlling instruments to locate defective components in system, using test equipment, such as pressure gauges, mercury manometers, potentiometers, pulse and signal generators, oscilloscopes, transistor curve tracers, and ammeters, voltmeters, and wattmeters.

3) Traces out and tests electronic solid state and vacuum tube circuitry and components to locate defective parts in analog and digital, protection, or radiation monitoring systems, using test equipment, schematics, and maintenance manuals.

4) Removes defective instruments from system, decontaminates, disassembles, and cleans instruments, and replaces defective parts, using handtools.

5) Reassembles instruments and replaces instruments in system, using handtools.

6) Lubricates instruments and replaces defective wiring and tubing.

7) Calibrates readings on instruments according to standards and adjusts phasing and aligns stages to ensure accuracy of recording and indicating function.

8) Records calibrations made, parts and components used, and inventory of parts on hand.

9) Prepares schematic drawings, sketches, and reports to reflect changes or alterations made in instruments, circuits, and systems.



  • 16.00 Euro NET per hour + overtime;
  • project for 5 months , maybe longer;


Please send your CV in English to APLIKUJ with reference number TECHNICIAN/1016/JE


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