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Praca Sales Support Specialist

Dodano: 26.11.2021

Międzynarodowa firma (High-Tech Laser machine), producent maszyn laserowych, poszukuje obecnie kandydatów na stanowisko: Sales Support Specialist & Sales Representative. To wspaniała okazja dla uzdolnionych kandydatów, którzy chcieliby pracować w międzynarodowym zespole. Jeśli posiadasz min. 2-3 letnie doświadczenie na podobnym stanowisku oraz znajomość angielskiego na co najmniej poziomie dobrym, nie wahaj się, aby aplikować na wspomniane stanowisko.

Sales Support Specialist



Sales Support Specialist 

Opis stanowiska:
A Sales Support Specialist performs administrative tasks to support the sales team (included the exclusive agent, hereinafter “agent”) and helps them to gain and keep customers.
The Sales Support Specialist will also respond to customer (agent) complaints and queries and will ensure that all orders are processed in a timely manner.

Job Description

  • We are looking for an organized, efficient Sales Support Specialist to be responsible for administrative duties and assisting the sales department in gaining and keepingcustomers.

  • The Sales Support Specialist to be responsibilities include tracking the inquiry of thecustomer (agent), making the standard quotation and managing customer accounts.

  • The Sales Support Specialist is also responsible for monitoring sales and theperformance of the sales team (agent) as well as recording sales data.

To be a successful Sales Support Specialist, you should have good time management and
organizational skills.
You should also demonstrate excellent interpersonal, communication, and customer service


  • Answering customer (agent) inquiries, scheduling meetings and sales appointments, and following up with customers about their order status.
  • Monitoring performance indicators for sales and agent and compiling reports.
  • Recording sales trends and analyzing the sales data.
  • Creating and processing orders in a timely manner, processing requests for rush orders, and reviewing pending orders and customer requests to ensure customer (agent) satisfaction.
  • Managing customer accounts, following up with customers (agent) for administrativepurposes, and providing troubleshooting assistance for orders, account statuses, and
    other problems.

  • Performing data entry tasks for sales figures, metrics, and other relevant information and maintaining an organized and accessible filing system.
  • Planning the sales meetings, sales training, agent training and conferences accordance with the decision of management.
  • Coordinate the countermeasure the technical requirement from agent with relateddepartment.

  • Provision of information to sales and agent latest sales and service information
  • Making the sales scenario accordance the sales strategy.
  • Making and revising the sales description.





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