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FairWind’s core activities will always be the same: very dedicated and professional services focused on maximizing turbine erection, site safety and asset integrity. FairWind can package services for our clients to suit any installation project in order to reduce labour requirements and increase turbine uptime.

For all installation tasks, we get involved in the project from an early stage and actively contribute our experience in the planning phase. Our extensive experience from tasks all over the world means that we know how to minimize risk and optimize the planning of all types of installation projects. In terms of installation tasks, we also pay close attention to achieving  valuable synergy effects.


FairWind provides a professional and bespoke service to OEMs, owners and operators of wind turbines around the globe. FairWind is a one-stop solution for all your operational, maintenance, inspection and repair needs.

Our industry experience and attention to detail ensures you are receiving one of the most thorough and professional services available when it comes to the access, maintenance, operation and repair of your turbines. As FairWind realizes that downtime can be extremely costly, we strive to keep it to an absolute minimum with emphasis on safety, quality and professionalism. At FairWind, we have competent and well-trained teams that can undertake both on- and offshore scheduled and unscheduled services at all levels. Our extensive teams mean that, even at short notice, we can always provide service teams for all types of scheduled and unscheduled services, at all competence levels, anywhere in the world – with the client being in focus.The quality of our service matches the quality of our technicians. At FairWind, we therefore have strong focus on training and development. Their extensive, highly valued experience is what makes them excellent service technicians. Also, this is why we make a lot of effort to share our experience across the company.

Besides offering complete scheduled services, our service offers include the following:


We have a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles dedicated to your service, all with their own teams behind the wheel.

Good service can actually make the job cheaper, but for us, service is not just about being forthcoming, fast, flexible, fair and friendly. For both you and us it is also a question of finances.

We have developed a number of concepts that ensure economies for you, in terms of both human and financial resources.To hear more about what we can do especially for you, please do contact us.

Spare Parts

FairWind is a leading partner for aftermarket replacement such as gearboxes, blades, generators, controller parts, hydraulic parts and other turbine components that are needed to keep your wind farm up and running. We can provide you with spare parts for both older as well as for the newest generations of wind turbines. FairWind aims to be your preferred partner when it comes to supplying parts for your wind farm.

Through our large network of suppliers and contacts in the wind industry, FairWind is able to deliver the parts you need for your wind turbine within short time. We do not necessarily have all spare parts in stock in Germany or Denmark, but we will invest the time needed to provide you with a quick and great service at all time. Our highly experienced spare parts sales people will be pleased to assist in identifying the correct part required if you need advice FairWind always guarantees that our offered spare parts have been designed, manufactured, tested and certified to the highest quality standards of the different wind turbine manufacturer. This way, you can feel comfortable when choosing us as partner. For more information on how FairWind can support you regarding spare parts delivery, please do contact us.


FairWind is an international seller and buyer of used wind turbines. We act as a supplier of refurbished and second hand wind turbines, where we always can provide you with a competitive solution. The turbines we do offer can vary in age and size - sometimes the turbines are not older than 5 or 10 years - in order to provide you with a technology that is still reliable and fully compliant with all existing legislation. With refurbished turbines, FairWind can offer full warranty and the interesting part for you is that costs usually drop to half or less than when investing in new turbines. This advantage makes your cash flow turn positive much faster than by investing in new turbines.

FairWind can also provide you with a turnkey solution for a wind farm of your preferred size. We can support on wind measurement, desk and feasibility study, transportation, installation, service, spare parts and financing.

Consultancy & Technology

Your strategy. Your budgets. Your growth. Your overall performance.

FairWind delivers operational guidance and knowhow to our clients on all the phases of a wind project. We have extensive experience working with many different OEMs in all types of terrain, on both new and repowering projects.

FairWind supports you in ensuring projects are viable and contractually sound, focusing on identifying and controlling operational risks throughout the project lifecycle.

Our goal is to work with you to increase performance and returns on your projects and to support you in assessing your risk profile when installing wind farms. Our global consultancy team combine business experience with strong operational experience in installing and servicing of wind farms.

Today operations and installation technology are closely linked. And keeping pace with the emerging technology landscape can be difficult for even the most technology oriented customers. FairWind can help. Our technology professionals have deep experience applying installation technologies to help you achieve your business goals.

FairWinds competitive advantage is our quality, cost effectiveness and professionalism in doing business. This is achieved through the core team’s expertise, experience and training in the fields of Operations Management, Installation and Service of wind turbines.



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