Backend Developer Wanted

MOVO Sp. z o.o.



We are looking for a talented new colleague to our development team. You will be working building larger websites – primarily to the Danish Government and public sector.

Who Are You?

You love working with

  • ASP.NET, C#
  • Angular
  • Design patterns
  • MS SQL Server
  • Umbraco
  • and you have 2 years experiences

Things You Might Do

  • Build new functionality (or extend existing)
  • Build a new module i.e. a Facebook integration or a Twitter feed.
  • Actively participate in planning of new functionality, design, and architectural changes
  • Optimize performance
  • Help us with support when functionality we created does not work
  • Implement tests

Our offer to you

  • Be a part of a team of ambitious & talented colleagues
  • A focused and agile environment with very limited customer contact
  • A structured workday
  • Responsibility and influence on the product as well as the codebase
  • Good salary and benefits
  • 1-2 yearly trips to Copenhagen including different events like our summer and winter party

Getting started

You will

  • Get to know our company and your new colleagues
  • Get a thorough introduction to our product and codebase
  • Experience our workflow and the tools
  • Work on small assignments, in the beginning, taking you around the different parts of platform
  • Work on larger assignments that will reach our customers

How we work

Our Tech Stack

  • ASP.NET, C#
  • Angular
  • MS SQL Server
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS
  • jQuery, Modernizr

Our workflow

  • We communicate using mostly Slack
  • Issues/Bugs/Tasks are organized using Zendesk
  • We use SVN for version control
  • Every Monday we do weekly Sprint kick off

Example tasks

  • Implement a new module like Mailchimp sign-up for a new customer on websites 
  • Make changes or corrections on existing functionality or modules
  • Help extend Go Basic
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