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Project Engineer


Job description:

Project Engineers (PE) will be assigned to Special Tasks or to Specific Contractors (“Technological PE”); both roles have the following common general duties:

- managing multi-disciplinary interfaces: physical as well as functional interfaces;

- giving the necessary support and interacting with the PM on the relevant Contract or with the designed interface (commissioning, licensing, etc.);

- planning (in coordination with the relevant units) and controlling tasks and related activities, and ensuring the consistency with the overall project plan;

- identifying criticalities and risks and proposing (or implementing as applicable) solutions to avoid or to minimize the effects;

- managing criticalities needing a specific focus or a dedicated process;

- assisting the heads of area/unit as multidisciplinary issues arise;

- keeping under control the overall planning of the contract (or task) under his/her responsibility;

- taking actions to ensure that disciplines are complying with the schedule;

- recording decisions and keep under control actions agreed, through minutes of meetings and dedicated follow-up;

- pointing out (or asking for) impacts relevant to timing and costs, if any, to the impacted Area for the tasks under his/her responsibility.


Special Task” PEs report to the Head of Engineering.

Technological” PEs report to the Head of Project Engineering Management

Technological PE – Additional duties

Technological” PEs have the following additional specific duties with respect to the Contract they are assigned with:

- PE is devoted to the technical interactions with Technological Contractor (TC);

- PE shall interact with Contractor to anticipate as much as possible the possible raising of criticalities;

- PE is in charge of assuring the completeness and current status of the Contractors’ Engineering Project Schedule (EPS) and the relevant documentation;

- PE is in charge of minimizing hindrances to the project, with the support of Disciplines;

- PE is in charge of evaluating, accepting or rejecting, all the modifications to consolidated design that are proposed by Technological Contractors, keeping under due consideration impacts to the project;

- PE is in charge of analyzing the overall effects of any modification or adjustment considering all the areas inside as well as outside engineering (e.g. construction, commissioning and start-up, etc.);

- PE shall assure the additional coordination expertise and actions whenever multidisciplinary issues arise.


Specific requirements:

- at least 10 years relevant experience in the follow up of a complex Mechanical/Electrical supply;

- past experiences in “Nuclear Plant Design” will be considered a plus; VVER plant design knowledge will be preferred;

- good knowledge of English langauge;

- good communication skills, leadership and decision making capabilities;

- problem solving attitude;

- independence with team work capabilities;

- good knowledge of Microsoft Office.

- willingness to relocate to Slovakia.


We offer:
career opportunities,

- accomodation,

- competitive salaries/benefits,

- good working in multi-national environment

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