Ids operations ltd.



Job description

Certified Electricians. 1 (one) Low Voltage and 1 (one) High Voltage Position Available.


Experienced and Certified Electricians, with at least 3 years of experience in their field;
Good,or very good English skills, capable to work in special conditions; An English test will be part of the interview.
Experienced in early stage projects. Capable to learn if they have the building/construction plans, manuals or instructions;

Must be able to read, interpret and apply the instructions presented in the contruction plans. Must be able to adapt and input their know-how if the project needs to be amended. Must be able to perform a trial period, which is paid, to assess skills.

Must be able to perform the given tasks in time and on schedule.

Zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol. Good health required.

We offer

Good salary;
Work contract;
Transportation to and from work.

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