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Marzena Nowicka - 2015-06-23 07:43:03 odpowiedz | cytuj
I am looking for a job for Accountant or working in the office. At the moment we have got a student visa and this is not a good solution for our family, because we can work only on part time and we have to pay for Daughter (6 years) school - about $12,000 per year! It' really ridiculous, I have to pay for my studies though, and unfortunately we can not afford for her education (lucky prep is not obligatory), so she is at home at the moment.

Anyway, please find attached my resume, visa and our passports. I have all documents confirming my qualifications and skills which I have showed in my resume, almost all are translated at english.
We do not have any health problems but our the worst worries at the moment that we can not to earn enough money and we have struggle with our bills. We sold everything in Poland and we were living here with our saving, but monies from saving were finished and we are living only day to day. This is very sad and frustrating all the more, we had polish migration agent in Australia, which changed mind to continued our case after we paid him $2,000 advance and we arrived to Australia.

We will be very appreciate for any help. Honestly, I am confused now and do not know what to do. I have never been in so hopeless situation. Documents will send to your email address, please contact us by radio agencies in Australia (contact: jos(.at.)

He works on 1/2 time in a large company tourism (in Brisbane)